Systemic racial injustice and inequity in our country has persisted for far, far too long.  To be very specific and clear, Call One always has and always will stand against these horrible, divisive atrocities.  We stand for equality for all and celebrate diversity and inclusion.  George Floyd’s killing, and the killing of so many other Black Americans, sadly is not new.  Many Americans have faced discrimination over generations, and we applaud the peaceful voices reminding our country that this must be a catalyst for real change throughout our society.  It is clear that our country’s understanding of the declarative right that ‘all men are created equal’ is still a goal and not a truth as evidenced in the overwhelming community response to this unnecessary death.


Call One is unwavering in our belief that everyone should be treated equally and fairly. We are saddened that we are still fighting for this basic human right not only in this country but across the globe.


We commit to you that Call One will continue to work to unify and support our community.