This article was written by Jelani Tate, Product Manager for Call One’s SD-WAN Solution.

In today’s highly competitive retail landscape, businesses need to ensure they are taking advantage of all technological opportunities available. For many, this means transitioning outmoded services to emerging cloud-based solutions to improve business operations or having the flexibility to quickly react to rapidly evolving consumer trends.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the proper foundation to adopt these new practices. Whether it is due to existing agreements that cannot be modified or a lack of knowledge and expertise, they are stuck in the past. Enter Digital Transformation.

Modernizing the way a business operates and how it supports its clientele, helps improve customer and employee satisfaction by promoting the latest technological advances that benefit their operation. More efficient uses of resources lead to lower expenses and higher profits. Simplified management and analytics provide more informed decision making.

Let Call One’s SD-WAN solution be the foundation that your transformation is built. Our process will provide you with a solution that will succeed now and in the future.


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Siobhan Glenn