Call One, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Alcott to Chairman of the Board. The Board, comprised of top industry executives, provides strategic leadership to achieve operational excellence and rapid growth of customers, products and the company.

Scott Alcott, former CIO of Comcast, multi-national C-level executive, and recognized technology catalyst, innovator, and first-mover– has been named as the next Chairman of the Board of Call One, Inc., effective December 31, 2019. Alcott, a strong leader in the telecommunications industry with global experience in technical, commercial and operational roles has been named throughout his career as one of the 100 Most Influential Global CIO’s, was awarded the Global Telecom Innovation award, has led a large IPO and holds multiple technology patents. Alcott brings 30 years of telecommunications leadership to the Chicago-based communications technology company. He worked in close partnership for several months with current Executive Chairman Ed Wynn to ensure a successful transition as Wynn retires.

“Ed’s contributions to Call One over the last five years cannot easily be summed up.  He was a valuable asset in many ways including the building of our strategically-focused Board comprised of some of the industry’s most recognized leaders in communications technology, operations management, marketing and PR, banking and finance, and law. Many of our strong leaders were drawn to join Call One’s Board because of Ed’s leadership,” shared Chris Surdenik, Call One CEO.

“The moment Call One is experiencing is one of huge, potential growth. With a successful pivot from TDM/resold services to our facilities, platforms, and IP-based/managed services, the next operational strategy will support a strong, swift and successful large-scale growth.  The Call One Board provides the leadership to focus on the strategic growth of the company and the scale of our impact on the telecommunications industry,” said Surdenik.

“The talent and work ethic Call One enjoys at the leader and board-level complements the great all-employee team,” Scott Alcott shares.  “Call One is a family, with over 25 years of success and a special mix of top management talent, industry leaders including our founder on the board, and all the right products and services to support our customers. I was attracted to join this team because it has the best leadership team, culture, and vision for the future.” In his first interactions with Call One, Scott challenged the entire company to take the opportunity of this industrial moment of change to individually reflect on the role they can each play to support the scale and growth of this company while ensuring the enhancement of customer excellence.


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Siobhan Glenn