As the holiday season approaches, many retailers are seeing increases in customer traffic not just online, but in physical stores as well. It is projected that roughly $5 out of every $6 spent this holiday season will come from in-store retail shoppers (USA Today).
With the majority of revenue coming from traditional avenues, stores looking to differentiate themselves from the competition are turning to SD-WAN for help.
Retailers offering hot cocoa and holiday music are missing the mark – customers are expecting:

  • Purchases using in-store wireless POS devices or mobile “on-the-go” apps improve customer satisfaction by reducing long checkout lines or eliminating the line altogether.
  • Providing free Wi-Fi access to shoppers makes a commitment to customer happiness and in-store engagement leading to real-time social media presence.
  • Prioritizing sales transactions from individual locations, across the network, ensures safe and secure purchases.
  • Access to real-time inventory updates between locations confirms that products are readily available.


These new opportunities for increased revenue and customer satisfaction cannot be achieved by most stores with older MPLS connections as their primary network backbone. Expanding the network would require:

  • Additional transport circuits.
  • Complex infrastructure design.
  • Expensive hardware and IT management.
  • Lengthy deployment and configuration cycles.


Call One’s SD-WAN solution minimizes these concerns through simple devices, centrally-managed policies, zero-touch provisioning for rapid installations, and world-class 24 x 7 monitoring and support.

We can introduce a Broadband or 4G LTE transport circuit to augment the existing MPLS network. These lower-cost options increase bandwidths and create a Hybrid WAN network that will provide the customer with failover and load balancing options. This efficient use of available bandwidth greatly reduces operating expenses.

We remove complexity from the customer’s network by provisioning edge devices, before installation allowing businesses of all sizes to set-up multiple locations and get connected quickly.

Call One’s Managed Services removes the capital expense of upgrading network hardware and monitors the branch locations through a centralized portal for improved reliability and oversight. Call One’s Director, a feature of SD-WAN, can be used to evaluate and improve the performance of the network.  All without having set foot in the store.

Using SD-WAN functions such as traffic shaping and path management, Wi-Fi connections will not tie up vital MPLS bandwidth required for purchases. Internet-destined traffic can be off-loaded to the other circuits for faster access to social media and internet browsing improving customer experience.

With the addition of new points of entry to the network, security is paramount. Call One’s SD-WAN solution recognizes this and moves security to each edge device working two-fold by

  • Examining traffic before it is distributed across the network
  • and eliminating the need for security appliances at the data center, decreasing security-based latency

From enhanced security and increased bandwidth to faster checkouts and free Wi-Fi networks, this holiday season can be more productive and successful for brick-and-mortar retail locations when incorporating the benefits of SD-WAN. Let Call One help discover the best SD-WAN solution to deliver your business a more dynamic network.


This article was written by Jelani Tate, Product Manager of SD-WAN Solution at Call One.

Siobhan Glenn