Call One, a Chicago-based full-service business technology company, is proud to join more than 350 other businesses to be recognized by Crain’s Chicago list of the Largest Privately Held Companies.

The honor comes as Call One expands its national coverage with facilities on the East Coast, West Coast and within the Midwestern, Southeastern and Southwestern regions.

Call One has been delivering outstanding client care while maintaining consistent connectivity through innovative and reliable technology solutions across the nation. With the expansion of services, clients are given the opportunity to keep up with technological advancements without exhausting financial resources.

“Technology is constantly evolving, and at Call One, we strive to provide the best long-term solution to keep any organization connected, while being cognizant of financial needs,” Chris Surdenik, CEO of Call One, said. “We’re proud to be on Crain’s list of the Largest Privately Held Companies and the continued opportunity to serve more clients.”

With Call One’s custom-built solutions, small-to-mid-sized businesses are provided with the newest technology while still experiencing the same top-notch care any enterprise business would be afforded.

“Being on this list is really an honor,” Ed Wynn, Executive Chair of Call One, said. “It’s a wonderful acknowledgment that our teams are recognized for their continued effort to service all of our clients.”

Siobhan Glenn