Call One started in the mid-90s amidst flannel and grunge.  The cutting-edge technology was a Motorola Startac – pre-smartphones, pre-Google.  Technologies were different then especially in telecommunications when Call One first began, we’ve evolved in many ways, but our focus has remained the constant:  We provide superior telecommunication technology, services, and support to businesses.

Our goal is to ensure that as technologies transition in and out of trend and capability, your business is supported to transition smoothly alongside the ever-changing landscape of telecommunications.  Call One is focused on bringing you the newest and best technologies to bring greater efficiency and reliability to positively impact your business’s performance.

Here We Come!

The battle cry we’re using at Call One describes it all – the new and exciting initiatives transforming our company, our new brand identity, and website.  But there’s a lot more that’s new:

  • Technology platforms
  • Products
  • National reach
  • Channel partner focus

With all of the changes around here, we want to take a moment to reflect on what brought us here, what makes us unique and what will never change.  The key differentiator here is and always has been the focus we have on you, our clients, and your business.  Our attentiveness to our association partners and to their members.  Our Midwestern work ethic.  Our integrity. Our commitment to creating a flawless experience for our customers every day.

So, welcome to the latest step in Call One’s evolution.   We have over 25 years of history delivering the best communications technology solutions.  And we’re looking forward to doing that for the next 25 years.  Here we come!!!

Siobhan Glenn