Moving to the cloud has become a worldwide phenomenon. The majority of today’s call centers are stranded on older premise-based technologies that cost millions of dollars to upgrade or replace.  Cloud Contact Center provides a painless method for businesses to move away from these trailing technologies and into a cloud contact center solution that guarantees a low predictable cost per agent will mitigate the challenges of complex maintenance and costly upgrades. Put simply, the benefits are endless, lets take a look at why:

  • It’s Fast: You can make the switch  to a cloud contact center to work from home in a day
  • Heightened Security: Your information is safer when managed by a cloud provider, and easier to access.
  • No Hidden Cost: The cloud contact center lowers your total cost of ownership and empowering you with a powerful call center.
  • Real-Time Analytics: The Cloud Contact Center provides the insight needed to improve your performance
  • Improved Customer Engagement: Improves communications with features like automated call-back, click-to-call, email, chat, SMS, social media queues.

Download our infographic then connect with one of our Call One Representatives to learn more about this solution and the other ways we are in your business!


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Siobhan Glenn