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Call One's VoIP Services
Call One's VoIP Services help you save time and money by keeping with clear connectivity.

We Find a VoIP Solution for Your Business

Telephones. The phone is the ubiquitous tool on every desk — familiar and comfortable.

The System. It drives the functionality of the telephones and defines possibilities and limitations.

VoIP service providers offer voice solutions that deliver collaboration and mobility features unmatched by traditional phone services.

The Challenge

Your VoIP service must optimize the internal network with a contemporary system that provides a feature set capable of satisfying the present, while not limiting the future. Is that answer premise-based? Hosted? Is it managed? Is it one-wire? Is it digital? How can unified messaging improve information flow? Does it mean exploring the value of upgrading the internal wiring and/or the current connectivity to the outside world?

The Solution

Call One explores and explains all of the options available through our certified, expert VoIP providers: ShoreTel’s Brilliantly Simple system and Avaya IP Office. The Call One team collaborates with you and your staff to find the most logical and productive integration available. Contact us today in Chicago, IL and will work with you to provide the best solution.

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