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We Support Your Business When You Need It Most
Today’s business environment is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week activity. Mission-critical systems have to be available around the clock. IT departments are stretched and have human limitations. Staffing a 24/7 department is expensive and most clients can’t do it properly. Regardless of weather, sick time, vacation time, day or night, a system has to be available and performing, so when it inevitably has a problem, that problem must be addressed immediately.

The Challenge
In smaller businesses, IT departments are often afterthoughts, and in larger ones, they are typically understaffed. There is no time for proactive monitoring and maintenance. Rarely is there an agreed-upon service level between the business and the IT department, which results in shoddy success metrics. Reactive IT support is expensive. Clients are challenged with how to grow or support their environments in a comprehensive yet cost-effective way.

The Solution
Call One’s managed services are based on each client’s individual needs. Proactive remote monitoring and management with reporting, remote desktop service, vendor management, remote and on-site remediation are all services that are customized to meet your unique needs. Call One utilizes the best combination of automated reporting tools, human intervention and strategic planning to give our clients peace of mind. You’ll rest easy knowing that your most critical information assets are protected and available anytime, anywhere.

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