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Call One's PRI Service
Call One's PRI Service delivers cost-effective technology with clear voice and high-quality data traffic.

Call One's PRI Service is focused on delivering cost-effective technology with clear voice and high-quality data traffic. It allows your business allocate network resources in a flexible way, making the most sense for your company.

What is PRI?

PRI is a high-speed connection using 100 percent digital trunks to support your business’s need for voice, data, and video. It connects your digital PBX or other digital premises equipment directly to the reliable ISDN-configured T1 facilities-based network.

Most business users currently use POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. PRI digitally delivers your local, long distance, Direct Inward Dial (DID) service over one 4-wire interface. Your PRI service has 23 channels allowing you to move voice and data along nicely at 64 Kbps. Consolidation makes sense because you reduce your network costs by incorporating PRI into your existing telecommunications blueprint, thus eliminating POTS line charges to the local exchange carrier. The D Channel is the 24th Channel. It constantly communicates with the Central Office ensuring the proper bytes and uninterrupted transmission occurs every time.

Call One's PRI Benefits

  • Allocate Network Resources Dynamically
    • Because the amount and type of network traffic needed can vary from hour to hour, Call One's PRI service allocates bandwidth where and when you need it most. You don’t have to designate certain channels for how you want to use them. For instance, outbound trunks aren’t idle while inbound trunks are nearing capacity.
    • Call One's PRI allocates your bandwidth automatically for each transmission on a call-by-call basis. PRI phones eliminate the need for extra POTS lines as well as dedicated voice or data access lines.
  • Control Costs While Improving Quality
    • By integrating voice and data services on a single PRI trunk line, Call One's PRI service helps you reduce the expense of multiple lines — without sacrificing quality. Having more bandwidth at your disposal helps make it possible to communicate with more customers, make more sales and process orders more quickly.

How Call One Can Help

  • Flexibility 
    • Call One's PRI service allows your business to add lines of connectivity at the rate you need for your business. 
  • Cost Savings
    • With Call One's PRI services, you get more connections for less. And if you ever have an issue with your ISDN PRI service, we resolve your problem quickly.

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