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Call One's Integrated Circuits Service
Experience consistent connectivity and resilient reliability all the while saving money with Call One’s Integrated Circuits.

Call One combines your voice and data services over a single, dedicated network connection. Experience the same high quality and reliability — while saving money.

What are Integrated Circuits?

Integrated circuits combine voice and data services over the same circuit facilities. The voice and data services share a single dynamic connection for optimal bandwidth efficiency. When voice calls are not in use, the remaining bandwidth is available for data. With an integrated circuit, you have the option to utilize your existing PBX, IP PBX or key system. Voice services, such as PRI Trunks, SIP Trunks, Digital Trunks and Analog Lines, are transported over this secure connection to your phone equipment.

Dynamic integrated circuits is a converged voice and data solution that utilizes your existing phone system or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and is connected via a Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Digital Trunks or Analog Lines to take advantage of VoIP-enabled capabilities and features. With Dynamic IP, you fully integrate your data, voice, Internet and VPN (Virtual Private Network) services on a single connection. Data and voice services share all bandwidth with no artificial limits on the number of business lines.

Benefits of Integrated Circuits:

  • Services combined on a single circuit for cost savings
  • Optimized voice lines and data bandwidth
  • Seamless communications across multiple locations
  • Scalable and secure voice and data service
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support

How Call One Can Help

Call One helps you combine your voice and data services on a single circuit. We tailor an integrated service solution with the features and options that are most beneficial to your business. You get the most cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs. And as always, Call One supports you throughout the integration process — and beyond.

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