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POTS Phone Provider

It’s plain as day

Rely on Call One for your POTS line provider. What is POTS? It’s simple: POTS is “Plain Old Telephone Service.”

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About POTS

Business POTS lines supply a single analog channel for telephones, modems and other devices. Available virtually anywhere, POTS allows two-way communication with a variety of familiar features. With unmatched reliability, POTS is a classic and simple solution for businesses to install and use for their day-to-day voice communications.

Key Features Commonly Associated with POTS:

    • Operator services and directory assistance
    • Long distance calling
    • Conference calling
    • Caller ID
    • Call waiting
    • Hunting
    • Call forwarding
    • Speed dialing
    • *69 (identify your last incoming call)

    Benefits of POTS:

      • Low Cost
        Low cost of service makes up for the lack of features that you find in POTS vs. digital telephone services.
      • Low Installation Fee
        Because users are already connected to the main telephone line, they simply need to activate their service.

      How We Can Help

      Simplicity and Cost Savings

      As Chicago's premier plain old telephone service provider, Call One sets up your business telephone landline service through a number of providers that fit your business and industry. We add your POTS to your Call One consolidated bill, so you deal only with one company for all your telecommunication needs. And you aren't locked in to a particular carrier; we help you change providers or upgrade service when you wish.

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