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Why Use Staff Augmentation Services?

Does your business need to inject fresh ideas, supplement skills or support scalability for dynamic staffing needs? Turn to Call One to find the highly qualified, talented professionals you need for a limited duration. Our staff augmentation services allow you to maintain full control over leased human and technical resources while they work at your organization. Our consultants are available to work onsite at your location or they can work remotely. We offer staffing options that range from entry-level technical support to high-level engineers.

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Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Fill Gaps
    When there aren’t enough employees to handle an increase in workload, temporary workers are the answer. This may occur if your workload is cyclical and you cannot justify a permanent increase in labor, or if you have a new business initiative and haven’t been able to ramp up hiring in time.
  • Apply Specialized Knowledge
    You have a new project that requires employees with highly specialized skills for a short time span in the beginning. You don’t anticipate needing such highly skilled resources once the project is up and running.
  • Contain Costs
    Using temporary assistance as needed keeps salary and benefit costs in check.

How We Can Help

Call One works with your hiring manager to research and analyze the positions you’re seeking to fill. We pre-screen candidates, conduct interviews, perform technical screens, and conduct reference checks — all before presenting the potential candidates to you in person. After the client chooses the preferred candidate, Call One performs the necessary checks and validations, and transitions the new employee through your onboarding process.

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