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Mobility Solutions

The modern office exists without boundaries, so should your ability to communicate.

Call One Mobility integrates the latest wireless voice, data and messaging technologies and applications to meet the global requirements of our clients. With Call One Mobility, you experience a vast improvement in reporting, controls and performance.

Call One

Mobility Solutions

Increase workplace productivity and flexibility by providing mobile devices, applications and services for your employees. We integrate your employees’ favorite smartphones and tablets into your existing phone system, securely and cost-effectively. We give iOS and Android devices the same features that unify communications for workers in the office: video conferencing, calendar access, CRM integration, instant messaging, conference calling, company directory and more.

Benefits of Call One Mobility:

  • Mobile Service
    Call One Mobility provides mobile service and plans tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Wireless Mobility Management
    Call One Mobility helps you manage your spending by producing a monthly report that aggregates your mobile information.
  • Equipment Procurement
    Our team of professionals manages orders of new equipment, alleviating your IT department of that responsibility.
  • Mobility Help Desk Service
    Call One Mobility provides troubleshooting for all your mobility hardware and service issues.
  • Product Introduction
    The Call One team brings in new hardware and software services, along with the thorough training and education needed to best utilize them.
  • Products Available:
    Cellular Phones and Service — Call One Cellular Service
    Cellular Broadband Cards
    Cellular Phone Accessories
    Blackberry® Software and Services
    In-Building Amplifiers/Repeaters

How We Can Help

Anywhere, Anytime Access — Customized for Your Business

Call One will work with you to develop and implement an integrated mobility strategy that helps your organization perform at its best. Our solutions increase collaboration among your employees and between your employees and your customers, helping you meet your business goals. We assist you in managing your mobile services with equipment, training, reports, troubleshooting and, of course, a consolidated invoice and a single point of contact. Partner with us for a mobile experience that’s second to none.

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