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We’ve got your back!

Your company’s data and applications are your most valuable assets beyond your employees. Call One offers secure data backup and recovery solutions so your business keeps going in the event of the unimaginable. Backup Management Services include configuration and management of storage and tape backups.

Standard services include disk-to-disk backup or cloud-based backup for fast recovery, and storage retention to support long-term needs and business compliance requirements.

Call One administers “Disaster Recovery as a Service” by working closely with you to create the right solution for your business through a DRaaS provider. This typically includes server and storage migration, network redundancy and other custom-tailored solutions designed to keep your business operational at all times.

Data Backup vs. Recovery

While these services are usually offered in tandem, data backup and recovery are distinct terms. Simply put, backup means copying your files onto another device such as a tape drive, external hard drive or off-site backup, while data recovery involves restoring or recovering your files or software without corruption.

Here are some of the more common Backup Management Services:

  • Tape Backup
    • Data is periodically copied from their usual storage device to a tape cartridge. This ensures that in the event of a hardware crash or other failure, your data is never lost. The tape should be stored off-premises for maximum security.
  • Disk-to-Disk Backup
    • This service involves backing up a computer hard disk to another hard disk rather than to a tape. The hard disk should be stored remotely in case an unfortunate event occurs at your facility.
  • Cloud-Based Backup
    • Cloud service providers upload your files to their servers, so your data is secured on the Internet. This ensures that you have a backup in case something happens to your original files. Cloud backup is a substitute for off-site backup.
  • Cloud-Based Recovery
    • Instead of backing up your data to the cloud and restoring it to your hardware after a disaster occurs, data is backed up to and virtually restored to the cloud. This option offers cost and resource savings while providing greater performance and reliability.

How Call One Can Help Your Business

Call One works closely with you to develop and implement the best Backup Management Services program for your business. You get the satisfaction of knowing that vigilant tech experts are continually monitoring your vital data and applications — so you can sleep at night.

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