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EOC Internet

Connect with copper

Call One’s EoC leverages copper wiring to transmit higher bandwidths, offering increased network performance at a competitive price.

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What is EoC?

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) is an Ethernet WAN connection. When fiber isn’t available, or is too expensive to deploy, EoC offers a high speed aIternative for customers that need to have high - speed dedicated connectivity to the Internet or other data services.

Benefits of Ethernet over Copper:

  • Cost Savings
    The quality of copper Internet service is on a par with fiber-based Ethernet service, at a much lower cost. Businesses take advantage of their existing copper infrastructure for Internet connectivity.
  • Availability
    While not all business locations have access to fiber today, they are all connected to the legacy copper voice network, allowing EoC to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Reliability
    EoC Internet offers a fast, reliable Internet connection. It achieves high bandwidth by bonding up to eight pairs of copper wire into a powerful connection; if one pair fails, the remaining circuits keep you connected.
  • Scalability
    Ethernet over Copper allows scalability for future bandwidth needs.

How We Can Help

Connectivity with Cost Efficiency

While fiber may be the future of broadband connectivity, an EoC connection provides high-speed connectivity using the existing copper network. EoC meets many business requirements at an affordable price and can be implemented relatively quickly. Call One helps you evaluate Ethernet over Copper providers and recommends the one that best fulfills your connectivity needs. We manage the implementation of your EoC service, and troubleshoot as needed.

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