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Dedicated to service

What is DIA?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from Call One leverages the company’s global IP backbone and deep metro footprint to deliver connectivity between customer locations and the Internet.

Dedicated Internet service is suitable for businesses requiring a permanent, high-speed business-class Internet connection. Maximize your business efficiency with the benefits of Dedicated Internet Access through our reliable access technology coupled with our optical fiber network and proactive management.

Tier 1 IP Network and Metro Footprint

- 1.5-10G of bandwidth available, which allows for scalability depending upon customer need

- Public and private peering at major Internet Exchanges

- Multiple Tier 1 network partners

- Simplified network architecture increases network reliability

Call One DIA Service Benefits


- 24/7/365 Network Control Center (NCC)

- IPv6-enabled

- Lateral diversity option provides an additional fiber pair on a separate physical path, reducing the risk of losing service from disruption to the primary fiber route


- Services available as an end-to-end bundle or in sections

- Proactive monitoring and management available

- Global network footprint

- Customizable speeds depending on customer location and need

How Call One Can Help Your Business

Reliability and Flexibility

You can rely on Call One to customize a DIA solution for your organization. We develop a strategy that fits your requirements and work closely with you every step of the way — from choosing a service provider through implementation. Call One simplifies the process for you, even addressing contractual and pricing issues — so you concentrate on growing your business.

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