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Business Broadband Internet

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Business broadband from Call One provides a high-capacity connection at a competitive price. We provide indoor and outdoor wireless solutions, including wireless security, collaborative communications, wireless point-to-point, and general wireless communications both in building and out.

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What is Broadband?

Broadband is wide bandwidth data transmission that is able to transport multiple signals and traffic types simultaneously. Mediums include coaxial cable, optical fiber, twisted pair, DSL local telephone networks and wireless broadband. The main benefit of business broadband Internet is speed — faster download and upload speeds increase productivity.

Features offered by business broadband providers include fast, reliable connections; options for higher bandwidth; limited usage plans; static IP addresses; sharing of broadband lines with fewer customers for improved performance; scalable plans; and prioritizing during peak usage hours for faster service. Get the features you want with a broadband plan from Call One.

Benefits of Business Broadband:

  • Speed
    Broadband offers more capacity for sending and receiving data electronically. Files are downloaded and uploaded faster, emails sent more quickly, and large data files are transmitted easily.
  • Access
    Broadband provides immediate access to Internet resources, including a wide range of specialized web-based applications for business. Businesses can take advantage of shared software for human resources, accounting, logistics and more, eliminating the time and cost associated with software development or purchase.
  • Permanent Connection
    An important feature of broadband is its “always-on” Internet connection. This is beneficial to businesses needing to transmit data to central offices or other locations. Of course, you need to set up strong security measures to avoid exposure to viruses and other cyber threats.

How We Can Help

Speed and Accessibility

Call One offers broadband Internet service for business. We work with you to develop a broadband strategy tailored to your business needs. We customize your plan and billing, and provide the attentive customer service you expect from Call One.

Increase your productivity with broadband