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Get Connected with Call One

Get Your Business Up to Speed, Quickly and Efficiently

Call One’s Fixed Wireless solution provides reliable communication and solves three common telecom needs. They are the most fundamental aspects of your business and as such should be dependable and consistent.

Secure and Effective Wireless Communications

Call One’s Fixed Wireless does not have the same spectrum limits or lack of tower availability that mobile wireless solutions present. In addition, due to the high-gain antennas and optimized software, Call One’s Fixed Wireless has a much longer range than Wi-Fi. We can provide 3Mbps to 50Mbps of bandwidth to customers within an 8-mile radius of our base station.

Faster Set Up Means Quicker Returns

Call One can provide customizable coverage with rapid deployment and help you get your business up and running faster than with traditional telco circuits. With Call One’s Fixed Wireless there is no need for copper or fiber wires. This eliminates the need for digging or long installations. Call One estimates, based on a customer having roof top and riser access and availability of equipment, the install interval is 30 business days from preliminary survey to install date.

The Technical Expertise Your Team Needs

Call One technology allows customers to use the Fixed Wireless solution with MPLS, VoIP, and Data or as a back-up to a traditional wired connection. Fixed Wireless customers are provided 24/7/365 support from the knowledgeable and experienced Call One team.

Your business depends on reliable connections and Call One’s Fixed Wireless offers an attractive alternative to traditional telco circuits. As your needs change so should your solution. Fixed Wireless is a scalable service that can grow with your company. Let Call One take the guess work out and simplify your telecom needs.

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