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Point to Point Connection

Privacy is a selling point

Call One provides Point-to-Point, or private line, service through leased lines or via wireless provider. Point-to-Point provides the most secure connection for sending confidential information.

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What is Point to Point?

A Point-to-Point, or private line, connection is a telecommunications connection between two nodes or endpoints. A telephone call is an example of a Point-to-Point connection, with one phone connected to the other, and what a person says on one phone is heard only by the person on the other phone. Another example of a point-to-point telecommunications connection is two computers connected by wire or modem. Point-to-Point is also referred to as Private Line.

Benefits of Point to Point (Private Line):

  • Security
    Point-to-Point service offers private connectivity among multiple locations. The dedicated connection transmits voice, data and video safely and securely. It enables the user to keep confidential business, personal, medical and financial data private. This level of security cannot be found on the Internet.
  • Speed and Availability
    Large volumes of time-critical data are transmitted instantly across a secure environment. Your dedicated private line is always connected, and unlike the Internet, there is no downtime or slow-downs.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    A Point-to-Point connection ensures compliance with financial and medical regulations, such as HIPAA, by securely transferring confidential records.

How We Can Help

Security and Support

Does your business need a Point-to-Point connection, or private line, for sending confidential information? Call One helps you set up your private line service. We manage your billing and be your single point of contact for all your telecommunications services. If you ever have a service issue with the provider, we take care of it.

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