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MPLS Service: Switch to Call One's MPLS

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) takes advantage of a global network providing scalable, secure transport. It allows users to lower overall costs and eliminate the complexities of multiple networks and providers.

As a MPLS service provider, Call One offers an option that combines the ubiquity of the Internet, the security of a private network, and the economies of a shared network, all on the same port. With Call One's MPLS service, you deploy networks and backbone circuits quickly, without interoperability issues.

What is MPLS?

In short, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technique for data delivery based on the concept of labeling packets. In a traditionally routed IP network, each router makes an independent forwarding decision for each packet based on that packet’s header. With MPLS, however, each packet is assigned a specific forwarding equivalence class (FEC) when it enters the network.

Each router has a table that indicates how to handle packets based on the FEC type. Thus, routers no longer have to analyze each packet’s header. The MPLS network handles packets with particular characteristics (such as traffic types or origins) in a certain way, acting as a smart traffic engineer. You control where and how traffic is routed on your network, managing capacity, prioritizing different services, and preventing congestion.


Call One MPLS Service Benefits

  • Faster Speed
    • Using label switched paths instead of traditional IP routing saves time. The speed of performing lookups for destination and routing is faster than that of the standard IP lookups associated with non-MPLS routers.
  • Security
    • MPLS routing technology provides greater security. If your business needs privacy or is required to meet specific security mandates (e.g., healthcare and financial industries), MPLS is a good option.
  • Performance
    • MPLS networks have higher levels of reliability, speed and voice quality. Assigning priorities to different packets optimizes efficiency; packets with high priority are allocated more bandwidth than those with lower priority.

How We Can Help

Efficiency and Technical Expertise

Are you considering the advantages of MPLS? Call One will help you determine if a MPLS network is right for your organization. Our experienced, skilled team evaluates the options of MPLS providers and recommends the solution that’s exactly right for your unique needs. We make sure your service is up and running, and consolidate the billing with your other Call One services. And if you ever have an issue with your MPLS network, we resolve your problem quickly.

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