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Connect Your Business with Call One's Fiber Services

Call One helps you build your tailor-made fiber network. We arrange custom deal structures with dark and lit bundles, MRC ramps and managed fiber.


What is Fiber?

Fiber connectivity is a physically secure, private platform for dedicated bandwidth and cost-effective scaling. For organizations that need major bandwidth, dark fiber provides physical security and complete control to shape every aspect of the fiber network.

As the demand for bandwidth continues to grow, entities increasingly turn to dark fiber as an alternative to lit services. Fiber is quickly becoming a core service and customers utilize it to create their own networks to support a wide range of applications. Dark fiber Internet providers offer organizations enhanced network control, enabling them to maximize network reliability, resiliency and scalability.


Benefits of Dark Fiber:

  • More Bandwidth
    • Dark fiber provides virtually unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost.
  • Availability
    • Dense metro and intercity fiber increases availability of fully diverse paths.
  • Financial
    • Take advantage of lease or IRU and multiple financing options. (You may be able to capitalize your network as an asset.)
  • Efficient Implementation
    • Use of existing assets accelerates the delivery timeline by reducing construction.


How We Can Help

Call One partners with fiber optic Internet providers to assist you in building your dark fiber network. We work closely with you to identify your specific needs, and find the provider with the proven expertise to deploy your new network. And we stay with you through implementation, ensuring that your network is operating properly.

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