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Cloud Fax Service

It’s high time for cloud faxing

Cloud faxing, or hosted digital faxing, involves the sending and receiving of faxes via email. With online, cloud faxing solutions from Call One, you eliminate hardware, supply and maintenance costs and hassles — no more outdated fax machines or fax servers. Send, receive and manage faxes from the desktop, tablet or smartphone — anytime, anywhere. All you need is access to the Internet.

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Benefits of Fax-to-Email:

  • Cost Efficiency
    Decrease capital and operating costs by replacing expensive fax machines, servers and supporting infrastructure with a digital fax solution. Online faxing frees up IT resources, allowing them to concentrate on more important things. And think of all the paper — and trees — you save!
  • Security and Privacy
    The service is operated from fully redundant data centers. Faxes are sent directly to and from your password-protected account so information stays confidential. Paper copies aren’t left sitting atop an unsecured fax machine. And your company remains in full compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Convenience
    Fax-to-email offers on-demand access and virtually unlimited capacity. It’s always ready when you are, and you can send or receive multiple faxes simultaneously. Plus, you get anywhere, anytime access via mobile devices.
  • Scalability
    Cloud faxing grows with your business. Adding more fax numbers as needed is quick and easy.
  • Seamless Integration
    Online faxing is easily integrated into VoIP and IT environments, as well as popular Windows applications.
  • Document and Cost Management
    Administrative functions allow you to manage your documents easily. Review costs and track charges by user or group through online account management capabilities.

How We Can Help

Flexibility and Customer Support

Call One helps you find the right cloud faxing solutions to meet your business and industry needs. There are plans for any size company and budget, so we recommend the one that’s right for you. Our technicians will ensure that your cloud fax service is set up and running to your satisfaction. And we simplify all your telecommunications services with consolidated billing and a single point of contact. Our level of customer care is second to none!

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