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Online Collaboration Services

Create, communicate and participate with the right people, the right resources and the right content at the right time.
Collaboration and communication are often confused. Communication is simply the exchanging of information whereas collaboration is a much more powerful engine. Collaboration is working together and creating something of value. Call One combines the strength of industry-leading, cloud based, collaboration products to help people collaborate better, not just more.

Traditional automated Audio and Web Teleconferencing, Webcasting and Video drive productivity with easy-to-use features and robust capabilities enabling more effective collaboration from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. For your most important events and highest profile calls, operator assisted services assure you look and sound your most professional while we focus on the details.

Employees on virtual conference call with two locations
Business Value
Create, communicate and participate with the right people, the right resources and the right content at the right time. Today’s workplace is evolving. Businesses are more flexible, mobile and geographically dispersed than ever before. It is becoming more important than ever to collaborate effectively, quickly and easily without disrupting business processes. Call One offers a full suite of professional collaboration products and services that allow your business to communicate with anyone, anywhere, any time on any device.

- Risk Reduction

Accelerated Rate of Innovation
Faster, more informed Decision Making
Meet and Training Productivity
Improved Information Quality
Ease of Use
Universal Access
24/7/365 Technical Support

GlobalMeet Audio and Web
Don’t let time and distance interfere with your ideas. GlobalMeet powered by Call One delivers an interactive, multimedia meeting experience with high quality, business critical features and crystal-clear audio that enhance productivity and enable you to collaborate more effectively anytime, anywhere.
An engaging user interface places the most important features at your fingertips and provides 24/7 access with the most comprehensive support available. With GlobalMeet, you will have universal access from any PC, MAC, iPad and mobile device allowing you to unite geographically dispersed and remote employees and customers.

Audio for Skype for Business
GlobalMeet Audio is a hybrid audio solution that seamlessly integrates with Lync Online, Skype for Business Online. Nothing ruins a meeting like poor audio quality. GlobalMeet hybrid audio for Lync Online/Skype for Business delivers enterprise-class audio for meetings anywhere around the world. You can be confident that every meeting has the best possible audio quality.

Event and High Profile
We give you everything you need to host successful IR Calls, HR announcements, Town Hall meetings or any other large-scale event you are planning. Call One gives you the ability to host conference calls for up to 15,000 participants, from anywhere in the world. When the stakes are high and you need a high level of service so you can focus on your event, you can count on Call One to deliver a best-in-class experience and service for you and your customers.

iMeet powered by Call One delivers a personal online interactive meeting experience with device independent, superior desktop video, high-definition audio and enhanced features that enable you to make face-to-face connections anytime.

It is the ideal platform for collaborating, building relationships and making more personal connections. This online meeting solution offers a customizable meeting room with all the features you need for an engaging and productive experience. Present ideas to a large audience, host small group discussions or conduct a 1-on-1 interview. iMeet provides Sales Representatives, HR Managers and other business professionals with the most innovative way to meet “face-to-face.” Whether you are in the office or on-the-go, iMeet works wherever you are, delivering a consistent experience across computer, smartphone and tablet.

Call One offers webcasting that enables hosts to produce and broadcast events from a desktop/laptop to reach as many as 10,000 viewers on any device. The fully customizable, self-service, cloud-based platform was developed to broadcast audio and video presentations live and on-demand. For businesses who want an easy-to-use, full featured platform which allows them to fully promote their brand. The fully customizable  platform helps overcome capacity and time constraints as you balance multiple priorities allowing you to minimize risk when you host high-profile events through a solution that fully meets your needs.