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Ultimate Control of Your Network
Call One's SD-WAN service allows your business to operate more efficiently by prioritizing applications, data and phone systems throughout your entire wide area network.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network. And, what does that mean? The software is the most impactful part of this service, at it allows your business to prioritize your network traffic. Data passing through is the top priority? Ensure transactions never lag as you can clearly identify which technology deserves the highest priority on your network. 

This allows your business to better manage your costs by keeping up with the pace of business and following your company's top priorities. 

Call One SD-WAN Benefits

  • Offers More Network Choice
  • Your business will have the flexibility to use whatever LAN best fits your needs, based on your bandwidth, availability, and cost. Call One's comprehensive SD-WAN service makes it so that you are no longer limited to MPLS or dedicated circuits to create an effective network. This service is technology agnostic and allows you to better control your business.

  • WAN Architecture Flexibility
  • By being able to have more selections with your network, your WAN architecture can be constructed in whatever way works best for your company.  Whether you have premise, hybrid or cloud technologies already in place, Call One's SD-WAN service can easily tie together your WAN into a single, simple solution. 

  • New Applications? Yes!
  • IT teams are constantly inundated with requests to add on new applications for their team. With Call One's SD-WAN service, you can start saying, "yes" to new applications as our SD-WAN service increase network capacity and also ensure your teams receive the highest quality of service with their applications. 

  • Consistent Connectivity
  • Connections can drop at any time due to a number of factors. However, with Call One's SD-WAN service, your network will have multiple redundancies automatically built into your WAN. This allows your IT team to focus on quicker resolutions while giving the rest of your team the freedom to continue doing their work. 

  • Manage Network Costs
  • Growing bandwidth impacts any successful business. Call One's SD-WAN service helps mitigate costs by using secondary connections, which may have been underused previously, to their fullest potential. Likewise, Call One's team of architects will work with you to ensure your growing bandwidth is managed properly and effectively.


How Call One Can Help

Call One first will do a deep dive into your current network to see how SD-WAN can either enhance or amplify strong aspects of your network. Then, we focus on any major points of failure and use our SD-WAN service to tighten and secure your network. Once that is completed, we work with you to create a priority list of your services and create an SD-WAN solution just for you.

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