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Managed Colocation Services

Protect your assets

What is COLO?

Call One offers managed colocation hosting, a service that enables your business to house its equipment and/or mission-critical applications in an affordable, off-site location. In this location, or data center, we manage and monitor your server(s), so you focus on your business objectives. Our data center provides a safe and secure environment for far less than the cost of setting up and maintaing your own comparable facility.

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Why use COLO?

An off-site data center keeps your mission-critical digital assets protected and connected. You’ll run your own hardware in a professionally managed facility. Colocation services offer high uptime, expert configuration and support, regulatory compliance, and access to a multitude of networks — and above all, peace of mind.

Benefits of Colocation Hosting:

  • Reliability
    Data centers are equipped with full-power redundancy and UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backups to ensure maximum availability. Redundant heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help maintain operations, no matter what.
  • Security
    Through a variety of equipment and security procedures, the colocation host monitors and controls access to the data center, protecting your equipment and digital assets.
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings
    Colocation saves you the time and resources it would take to create your own highly redundant in-house network and secure data center.
  • Connectivity
    Most data centers have multiple networks and offer many carrier options to keep your server connected to the world.

How We Can Help

Protection & Connection

Call One has considerable experience and expertise in colocation hosting. We work with you to develop and manage a data center strategy that works for your business. As always, we simplify the contract and billing process, becoming the single point of contact for your COLO and all your telecommunications services. Invest in a COLO solution with Call One, and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your mission-critical equipment is safe and secure.

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