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This program demonstrates Call One’s belief that our people are our greatest asset.

Call One’s Comcierge® Program

Comcierge® is an internal employee-led peer recognition program begun in 2013. The idea centers on recognition coming from the bottom up as opposed to top down, and for our employees to earn some recognition from each other for anything they do that is considered to be above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. At any point throughout the year, any employee can nominate any other employee for a Comcierge® Award. Nominations are tallied by the Comcierge® Committee and four winners are selected and recognized/roasted at our annual holiday party in December.

2014 Winners:

  • Anne Cesarone
  • Claudia Costello
  • Ray Scherrer
  • Ruth Eberts

2013 Winners:

  • Fern Smith
  • Aletha Rich
  • Brian Murphy
  • Jen Bosler


All Comcierge® winners receive a complimentary lunch for two at the restaurant of their choice, a custom bobble-head figurine in his or her likeness, and best of all — they are featured in our outdoor advertising (freeway billboards), showcasing their achievement to all of Chicagoland.

The Vocabulary of Comcierge®

comcierge® | kô m ‘syer zh; kämsē’er zh |
1. (esp. in Chicago) A telecommunications specialist who integrates leading-edge technologies tailored to position clients as industry leaders.
2. A single source for personalizing communications systems to support the work styles of your mobile workforce.

ORIGIN: Early 21st century (denoting the simplicity of Call One)

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